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Peninsula kitchen

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A peninsula kitchen layout is like a parallel kitchen without one wall; the free standing work space or the peninsula extends from a side wall or cabinet with access from three sides.Out of several other Eat-in types of dining cum kitchen style designs, the Peninsula Kitchen is the one which is unique when it comes to its interior layout.Apart from being spacious, it gives a very elegant look to your kitchen, since it occupies a large space and provides several arrays to work in. Storage is easy and the interiors is open for numerous experimentation like installing a small bar at a corner or combining your central mount into a showcase for storing your wine bottles as well as for dining.

The peninsula could be an extra workstation with cabinets or a table top for quick meals. It can also be used as an area to wash with a sink, or as a cooking area with a stove top. Ideal for homes with small kitchen space; a peninsula can have all the resourcefulness of an island worktop, but with less floor space.


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